Our Goals

  • Since sex work is work, we believe that sex workers should have the same benefits and facilities as every other laborer.
  • Sex workers aren’t fully aware of their rights and they lack legal aid, Aastmvishwas strives to create a support system to tackle this issue
  • We recognize that working in the sex business produces hardships and stress. We listen to the problems in the community and do everything in our power to come up with solutions, so our community members can live their life with dignity and respect.
  • Sex workers in our area are worried about their old day when they can’t earn money through sex anymore. Our mission is to teach them other skills, so that they can have another source of income once sex work is no longer an option.
  • Sex workers are often bored while waiting for clients, sitting idle with nothing to do. We teach them simple crafts they can perform while sitting in front of their house.
  • The children of sex workers in our area face malnourishment due to inadequate (knowledge about) food and nutrition. We strive to eradicate malnutrition in our community.
  • Our community is heavily polluted, thus attracting rats and diseases. We implement environmental programs bringing attention to waste management in a hands-on practical and creative way.