Our Projects

Pyaara-cord Project

Members of the community learn the art of paracord craft work. It’s the art of tying paracord into decorative patterns. They can use this technique to make pouches, bags and covers for themselves. This project improves the bonding between the members as they need to teach each other the techniques which promotes a healthy social environment.

Tailoring Times

The sex workers wanted to learn the art of tailoring. As they live in a city which is the textile capital of the country, they wanted to learn how to make clothes so that they could design their own clothes while they live in the community. Its challenging for a sex worker in this area to get out due to stigma and discrimination, so they would always like to learn certain skills that can empower their life in the community.

Plastic art

Pollution is a major concern in Bhiwandi. The community members want to spread awareness about plastic pollution within the city. They will do so by collecting dry used plastic bags in the city and converting them into plastic art objects which will be taught to them by a visiting artist. They will then showcase their work on the website.

Hum Saath Saath Hain ( We are together )

This project is initiated to conduct regular outreach work in the neighbourhood of the community. Community members will regularly check up on the sex workers in the community, provide them health and legal aid, take them for check up and testing as needed. Based on their health, a nutrition plan will be developed for them and their kids at the centre.